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stream credits + resources

all my stream things in one place ❤︎₊ ⊹

overlays + scenes

⟢ bunny overlays, scenes, and panels: mojidama
⟢ browser webcam: sayonani
⟢ pink pixel scenes/overlay decor: joanferart
⟢ kuromi scenes: skii ryu
⟢ browser webcam: sayonani
⟢ blue pixel scenes/overlay decor: joanferart
⟢ gif tuber: cataoshi

art + emotes

⟢ emotes: nieshiii
⟢ badges: kanda
⟢ pastel flames stinger transition: beardboydigital
⟢ pixel coin (channel points icon): brittchuu
⟢ pixel water bottle (channel point redeem icon): norupixels

pc specs

moon faerie

concept, art, and rig by fiyunae

pink faerie

concept by peachiellaart by strawmaryrig by ramune